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Remove Openload popup ads using Chrome OpenVideo FastStream plugin

Removing annoying ads on openload player using OpenVideo FastStream plugin

OpenVideo FastStream
Developed by Dominik Sander


With this extension you can watch or download videos easily without bothering with these annoying provider streams flooded with ads!

Plugin Features :

► No 10-seconds-waiting before stream starts
► Fast and safe streaming without ads or popups
► Unified player design on all streaming providers
► You can download videos
► You can add subtitles (vtt/srt from url or local file)
► Choose favorites
► Video library
► Watch videos again over the library (starts video where you left)

Supported streaming providers :

► FlashX
► TheVideo
► OpenLoad
► StreamCloud
► Vivo
► VidTo
► Vidzi
► Streamango

How OpenVideo FastStream works :

► When OpenVideo detects a video on your current site, the number of detected videos will be shown on the OpenVideo extension icon
 ► Click on this extension icon in the top-right corner to watch the detected video without ads and popups
 ► You can download the video by clicking the download button in the bottom-right corner of the video player
 ► You can mark videos as favorites by clicking the heart next to the download button in the video player. Your favorite videos will be stored in the library.
 ► To get to the library you have to click on the extension icon while the OpenVideo-popup is opened
 ► On the streaming sites listed below you will be redirected to the OpenVideo-Player automatically
 ► You can disable the special redirections or the automatic search for videos in the options menu

Plugin Screenshots :

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